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What's The Best Android Phone 2014

In today’s world, Android phones are everywhere. There are numerous manufacturers of these devices and are thousands of apps readily available to you once you buy an Android phone with new cell phone service. So how do you sort it all out? What are the determining factors in choosing the best Android phone for you? Maybe you are looking for the best Android phone 2014 period. One thing is for sure, with Android you have tons of choices on just about every cellular phone provider. In fact, nearly all of the cell phone manufacturers, at least the best of them now produce Android phones (with the exception of Apple who produces the iPhone).

One thing the distinguishes Android from Apple is the selection of handsets and the possibility of even getting a free Android smartphone with a new two year contract on the major US carriers. Or you can find a cheaper Android phone when choosing cheap cell phone plans with no contract. Or, you can buy them online and get the best Android phones at a major discount. You don’t have that option with the iPhone, unless you are getting the older model. With new service you are always paying a couple hundred dollars or more for the latest iPhone, while Android always offers value.

Since Android is an open source operating system you have way more apps available than for either the iPhone or the Windows phone operating systems. However, there is also a chance of more viruses as a result of this. You will want to make sure you only download known trusted apps to avoid this. Different versions of the Android operating system have come out over the years, with the latest being Jelly Bean. The best Android phones of 2014 will all run on one of these two operating systems. Here is a list of some of the top Android phones available right now.

Motorola Droid MAXX – This phone is ultra thin with great battery life, which is a problem with many high end smart phones. This phone is available on the Verizon Wireless network.

Samsung Galaxy S5 – This ultra fast phone features a large display screen and has all the bells and whistles. It is available on multiple US cellular phone providers starting in April. As always, the Galaxy series phones from Samsung are superb.

LG G2 – Available on Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. Large display with super fast processer. One of the coolest phones out on the market today. This is definitely something to consider. A great phone for people on a budget giving you just about everything you need including a quad core processor.

HTC One Max – This is the newest and largest phone in the HTC family. It is available on both Sprint and Verizon Wireless. The huge 5.9" screen is a big hit.

Galaxy Mega by Samsung sports a HUGE 6.3" screen. This quad core phone is available on Sprint and AT&T. Maybe you don't need both a phone and a tablet.

While we have only mentioned some of the best Android phones available this year we believe you will be able to find exactly what you need with a smart phone running on the Android platform.